Sarah painstakingly perfected her old-world craftsmanship by serving as an unpaid apprentice for two rigorous years under a master
goldsmith in Carmel, California. She then became a bench jeweler for six years until she launched Sarah Graham Metalsmithing
in 2000.

Sarah prepared herself for the marketplace by studying the jewelry of the world in museums, galleries, and stores for two years in
North, Central, and South America, Europe, Africa and India.She earned a B.S. in International Business at the University of
San Diego.
Sarah Graham's jewelry pushes the boundaries of convention
through her use of the arresting contrasts inherent in the juxtaposition
of 18 karat gold and blackened steel; of black, white and cognac
diamonds; of Akoya and Tahitian Pearls. It carries strong tones of
thoughtfulness, attention to detail, quality, and timelessness. Her
signature combination of black, white, and gold colors immediately
identifies the artist. Celebrities such as Sharon Stone and Kim
Basinger own her jewelry.

The inspiration for her originality of design and materials is grounded
in Nature as confirmed by the labeling of her major product
lines as: Manzanita; Pebbles; Stepping Stones; Oyster; Conifer and
her line of Bridal rings - Kyoto, Bamboo, Leaf, and River Rock. Each
piece speaks to its name-source. Sarah's process of design and
construction of prototype models (she spends days experimenting
with each new design piece) is grounded in one of the cardinal virtues
found in Nature - that of patience.
S  A  R  A  H      G  R  A  H  A  M
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