Ngo was born in Chicago, Ill., but was transplanted to Arizona as a young child. She grew up learning
an appreciation for contrasting photography in high school. Ngo returned to Chicago after high school
and became immersed in the diverse art and culture of the city. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts
degree with an emphasis on Painting and Art History from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in
2001. Once again, she returned to Arizona where she resides with her husband and their two dogs.
Ngo's husband, a culinary artist, and her often travel abroad together for further inspiration.
40" x 30"
Acrylic on Canvas
"Champagne Morning"
40" x 60"
Mixed Media on Canvas
$ 4,800
Ngo enjoys painting in mixed mediums and on many grounds, including canvas, paper, masonite, plexiglas, and metal. Her
awareness of the play of light and shadow and its effect on color plays an important role in her work today. The dichotomy of the
natural desert landscape of Arizona versus the urban downtown environment of Chicago led her to a certain "no rules" style of
painting. Currently her paintings have a certain raw, playful, and sometimes unfinished quality in which the work holds a kind of
potential energy, excitement and freedom. She often creates problems on the canvas, and then through her painting solves them.
With every painting, there are an infinite number of approaches and decisions to be made. She is fascinated by the discoveries
made while creating each new piece of art, and allows her style to change often in order to keep her painterly freedom.
48" x 32" diptych
Reverse Painted Plexi & Steel
"Natural Response"
18" x 18"
Acrylic on Paper
N  A  N  C  Y      N  G  O
30" x 74"
Acrylic on Canvas
$ 4,400
"Tongue Tied"
60" x 12"
Reverse Painted Plexi & Steel

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"Quiet Moment"
36" x 36"
Reverse Painted Plexi & Steel
60" x 32" triptych
Reverse Painted Plexi & Steel
$ 5,600
"Setting Sun"
40" x 26"
Reverse Painted Plexi & Steel
$ 2,080
"Delicate Bloom I & II"
18" x 18"
Acrylic on Canvas
"Vertical Arrangement I & II"
36" x 16" diptych
Acrylic on Canvas
$ 1,220
50" x 35"
Reverse Painted Plexi & Steel
$ 3,900
RTG, Sedona: (928) 282-7130 . Vue Gallery, Sedona: (928) 282-1575 . RT Jewelry, Sedona: (928) 282-1506
"Sky Light I & II"
16" x 16" each
Acrylic on Wood
$ 515 each
40" x 37"
Reverse Painted Plexi & Steel
"Sunset At Sea"
54" x 40"
Reverse Painted Plexi & Steel
$ 4,600
"Activating Force"
60" x 40"
Reverse Painted Plexi & Steel
$ 4,800