F  U  S  I  O  N      D  E  S  I  G  N  S
"There’s nothing quite like the feeling I get when someone sees a piece of my jewelry and walks away,
only to return because they can't get it out of their mind. I believe that each piece I make already
- Shelli Kahl
Fusion is dedicated to the late Charles Duncan, who created the method of fusing 14 karat gold to sterling silver without the use of
solder. As a student and friend of Charles Duncan, Shelli had the opportunity to apprentice with him and learn this unprecedented
method of fusion. Shelli also learned from Charles the arts of reticulation and re-crystallization of sterling silver, which are the
foundations upon which the gold is applied. Fusion Designs are adorned with a wide variety of colored gemstones and diamonds.
The artist's innovative technique and unsurpassed stylistic ingenuity has resulted in a fantastic multi-metal exploration of cutting
edge jewelry design.
RTG, Sedona: (928) 282-7130 . Vue Gallery, Sedona: (928) 282-1575 . RT Jewelry, Sedona: (928) 282-1506