Bernd Wolf, jewelry designer and engineer, was born
in 1958 in Stuttgart, Germany. In 1985, he began his
jewelry firm in a village called "Stegen" in the Black

His fascinating collection, with its clear form and sleek
style, became an overnight success in Germany and
around the world. What makes Bernd Wolf jewelry so
individual? Excellent quality, the best gems and
stones, and reasonable prices. Sterling silver,
embellished with a 23k gold-plating, is the precious
metal used most often in Bernd Wolf´s collection. But
Pearls, Aquamarine, Amethysts, Diamonds, Carnelian,
Coral, Peridot, Rock-Crystal, Stainless Steel, Topaz,
are implemented, as well, for that extra special touch.
B  E  R  N  D      W  O  L  F
" The excellence lies in the detail. "
RTG, Sedona: (928) 282-7130 . Vue Gallery, Sedona: (928) 282-1575 . RT Jewelry, Sedona: (928) 282-1506
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