Born in Buffalo New York, Andrew Seiferth showed a passion for the arts from an early age.  He
was shaping wood at age five and by age seven forging steel with a hammer and anvil.  After
moving to Scottsdale Arizona when he was eight, Andrew was introduced to Southwestern Art
which ignited his passion to create innovative contemporary art with the energy of the Southwest.

Andrew Seiferth received a bachelor’s degree from Northern Arizona University’s College of Fine
Arts with an emphasis in painting in 2002.  In addition to painting,  Andrew Seiferth learned skills
in metal fabrication by creating custom suspension parts and sheet metal work for vintage
automobile enthusiasts.  Andrew Seiferth further expanded his knowledge of physical structure
and engineering by working for a high-end custom home builder.  

Andrew Seiferth’s study involves reaching balance by presenting equally contrasting ideas.  His
goal is to display harmony inspired by the energy of the Southwestern United States through
encompassing various mediums.   An environmentalist, Andrew Seiferth is also passionate
about utilizing reclaimed material which gives each piece of work unique character.  

Andrew Seiferth currently resides in Tempe, Arizona with his wife Katie and daughter Lucy.
A N D R E W   S E I F E R T H
RTG, Sedona: (928) 282-7130 . Vue Gallery, Sedona: (928) 282-1575 . RT Jewelry, Sedona: (928) 282-1506
"Balanced Transition"
16" x 20"
Glass, Wood & Steel
$ 1,300
26" x 19"
Glass, Wood & Steel
$ 1,550
"Elegant Twilight"
14" x 18"
Glass, Wood & Steel
$ 1,200
"Fluid Transition"
29" x 17"
Glass, Wood & Steel
$ 1,800
20" x 15"
Glass, Wood & Steel
$ 1,300
"The Torch"
28" x 16"
Glass, Wood & Steel

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